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Sophia holding yellow baby shark

Baby Shark Night Light

As the sun goes down and it gets closer to nighttime, our little one is scared of the dark. We look for ways to comfort our children, getting them ready for bedtime.  Sophia’s comfort at bedtime is the Baby Shark Plush Toy.  She call it her Baby Shark Night Light. This is one of her bedtime favorites of the Baby Shark Toys.

Sometimes a nice warm bath is relaxing, and our kids love to play in the water. Then after their bath put on their favorite night gown or pajamas. Maybe reading them their favorite bedtime story helps them with happy and imaginary fairy tell fun, so they will drift off to sleep peacefully.

As everyone probably have heard of the Baby Shark Song. It’s an all time favorite song for children and the whole family to sing along and dance to. Now you can bring them into your home. They are soft, cute, cuddly, and singing toy with a night light. Kids can cuddle this Baby Shark Night Light Singing Plush Toy and when you squeeze the belly it plays the baby shark song and it lights up. The night light in this plush toy is what makes it so cool. The kids are not scared of the dark because they have their favorite character, song, and pretty LED night light so they can drift off to sleep and have Sweet Dreams.

Say hello to the Family Singing Plush Doll of Sharks. They are so adorable, soft, and cuddly. You will want to cuddle and hold them all day.

Baby Shark Plush Toy

Sophia hugging baby shark

*Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Doll – Baby Shark – by WowWee who is the official creator

*LED night light that looks pretty at night and gives a nice glow

*The singing doll plays 4 verses of the famous baby shark song

*soft plush that makes it feel good to cuddle at bedtime

*makes kids happy and looks forward to bedtime

*easy to take on fun trips that you can just stick in your bag

*measures 6.9 x 8.3 x 11 (inches)

*Collect all 3 of the Baby Shark Family – baby shark, mommy shark, and daddy shark

Sophia holding daddy shark and baby shark





12 comments on “Baby Shark Night Light”

  • I agree with you when comes to let out little ones to get them for their bedtimes. I was there 20 years ago and now they are grown-up but still, those memories are vivid like it was just yesterday.
    Now, these days as technology changes, new products such as Baby Shark Night Light would help our little one’s would cradled them to sleep early and peacefully.

    Thank you so much for this information, this would benifits young mothers.

    Best regards,

    • Thank You, Lyn, for your sweet comments. The Baby Shark Plush Doll with Night Light will make it more joyful for kids at bedtime. They will look forward cuddling their baby shark doll while drifting off to sleep.
      Best Wishes,

    • Thank you, Sonia, for your kind comment. Your niece and nephew will love the Baby Shark Plush Doll with Night Light. They are so soft, cute, and cuddly. That’s what makes them irresistible.

      Warm Regards,

  • Hi Margaret,

    It is becoming harder and harder to buy kids a gift that they will enjoy that is both affordable and will make them happy. If it isn’t an electronic gadget that they can connect to the internet it doesn’t generally give them much pleasure. I have been searching for a small gift for my kid – This post came at the right time, I am definitely going to buy Baby Shark Plush Doll with Night Light for my kid. Thanks for sharing the post.

    • Thank you Satish, for dropping by and for your wonderful comment. It’s a great gift for any occasion. I think your kid will love the Baby Shark Plush Doll.
      Warm Regards,

  • I just love these! My 1 year old is obsessed with Baby Shark and she is just now starting to use a stuffed animal or two in her crib at night. I think these will also really help her at nap time and during long car rides.

    • Thank You, Alexi, for dropping by and for your sweet comment. The Baby Shark Plush Doll with Night Light makes cuddling fun at bedtime and also are great for long trips.

      Best Wishes,

  • I know my younger brother would absolutely love these! Lately he has been watching a lot of children songs and nursery rhymes. I think if I showed him these, he wont stop asking me and my mother for one! Thank you! (And I may get one for myself too ‘cuz these are simply adorable)

    • Thank you, Aizek, for dropping by and for your kind comments. The Baby Shark Night Light makes great gifts. I think your brother would absolutely love them. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

      Warm Regards,

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