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Helping Baby Sleep Through Night

Helping baby sleep through night

Since the time you brought your newborn home from the hospital, you had sleepless nights. Getting up two to three times during the night or sometimes, even more, isn’t fun when you haven’t had enough sleep. It will make you fatigue and loss of concentration. You’re not alone. A lot of mothers are having sleepless nights. Helping your baby sleep through the night with these simple tips.

Let Your Baby Sleep in Your Room

Place a crib or bassinet in the same room where you sleep. Place the baby alone in the crib without blankets until the baby reaches 12 months of age. Using soft blankets and pillows in the bed with an infant can increase the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) or suffocation, according to the financial experts, American Academy of Pediatrics. Instead, let your baby sleep in sleepsack wearable blankets, sleeper gowns, mitten cuff gowns, bodysuits, sleep bag pajama, and blanket sleepers. Don’t overdress your baby and dress according to the room temperature. Watch out for signs, for example, if the baby feels hot or sweating.

It is not safe to share beds, so never let the baby sleep with you for at least the first 4 months. You can accidentally roll over and cover the babies’ mouth and nose and suffocate the baby. The baby can become trapped between the mattress and the headboard. The baby can also roll off the bed.

For babies whose mothers smoke has an increased risk of SIDS, so don’t smoke around your baby and keep your baby away from other smokers. Secondhand smoke has a larger degree of risk of SIDS. Always lay your baby on his or her back when sleeping.  For more information about Safe to Sleep visit Wikipedia.

Supporting good sleeping habits

Getting up in the middle of the night will disrupt your sleep, but it’s never too soon helping your baby sleep through the night. Using the same and calming routine every night will help your baby be a good sleeper. Always check to see if the baby is hungry or needs a diaper change. One of my favorite things to do is bathing. A warm and relaxing bath feels good to baby and helps to fall asleep. You can try rocking, singing, humming to a song, or playing quiet music, and reading. Make sure the room is quiet, soft voice, calm movements, and a soft dim light.

Keeping the baby awake during the day will not help the baby sleep through the night. Infants that are overly tired will have a more difficult time sleeping through the night than babies that had enough sleep during the day. For the first couple of months, it’s okay to spoil your baby. Infants who are held and rocked a lot have less fussiness and colic, so go ahead and give your baby all the cuddling he or she wants.

Try a pacifier if a baby is fussy and has a hard time going to sleep. If the pacifier falls out of the baby’s mouth do not replace it. If the baby does not accept the pacifier don’t force it. In fact, a systematic study indicates that using a pacifier during sleep helps reduce the risk of SIDS.

Helping your baby sleep through the night, you might try changing the baby’s feeding schedule. Wake the baby up right before you get ready for bed. Offer the baby another feeding and do this consistent until the baby gets used to the new schedule. It might take a few nights but being expectant of a positive outcome will bring you success.

To be mindful or aware of getting your little one to sleep through the night isn’t a standard quantity or amount of your parenting skills. Be patient to understand your baby’s customs and social behavior ways of communicating so you can help him or her become a better sleeper. If you have any misfortune or problems, talk to your pediatrician.

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  • Some great information here and with 3 children, I definitely agree that the best way to help your child early on if they are struggling to get enough sleep(and yourself too) is to set them up close by.

    Personally we had a routine but were not too rigid with it, if our kids were tired during the day we would get them to sleep, we would not deliberately keep them awake to help them at night, or overly enforce a specific time at night either.

    I think routine is important but not the be all and end all with baby’s sleep habits.

    The baby shark song came on to the scene as my youngest went past her 1st birthday, necessarily a great sleep helper, got her bopping along though.

    • Thank you, Shane, for your kind and wonderful comments. My grandbaby loves the baby shark song and seems to always put her in a good mood. The baby shark doll night light gives her a pleasant and peaceful feeling so she can have sweet dreams.
      Warm Regards,

  • Great article with useful information! I’m due in December with my 3rd baby but it’s been awhile since I’ve had an infant so this was good information for me to review!

  • I’m such a baby lover I have 4 wonderful kid’s and even though mine are grown your information is still very helpful to my daughters and me of course. I think the sleep sack is the best thing ever. Beautiful Post very nice informational website…

    • Thank you, Bonnie, for your kind comments. I’m glad you found the article, Helping your baby sleep at night, helpful information. If I can help you in the near future let me know.
      Warm Regards,

  • Dear Margaret,
    I found your article Informative and Inspiring. Lovely pictures and Images of children having fun and that Is what every parent wants, that their children to be happy and having fun. all the best

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