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baby shark toys review

Baby Shark Toys Review

I hope this Baby Shark Toys Review helps you to choose the right toy for your kid! All kids across the world love baby Shark Toys. These toys convey happiness, joy, and laughter to a children’s life. They enjoy playing with the shark toys at some point of the day and bring their preferred toy to the bedroom for comfort, security, and peaceful sleep. These a laugh and lovely toys provide the beautiful night light while the lighting crosses off. Now your youngsters shouldn’t be terrified of the dark anymore with these consolation shark toys. These toys provide exceptional learning, motor skills, and eye-hand coordination for children of different ages.   For more statistics about Baby Shark, visit Wikipedia.

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Baby Shark Official Song Doll

Baby Shark Toy ReveiwClick here

4.six out of 5 Stars
*Baby Shark advocated age is 24 months – 15 years

*Plays the famous Baby Shark Song

*outstanding smooth and outstanding for cuddling at bedtime

*Doll comes in yellow toddler shark, pink mama shark, and blue daddy shark

*Baby Shark Doll’s measurement is 5.five x 7.1 x 9.five inches

*Baby Shark Doll’s weight 3.fifty two ounces

*Baby Shark Doll’s cargo weight is 7.2 ounces

*Battery has blanketed 2LR44

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Baby Shark  Toy Review

A cute and lovely child shark doll all kids adore. I gave the Baby Shark Doll for my grandbaby as a Christmas gift, and she loves it. She offers the toddler shark kisses and hugs him. She desires to sleep with him each night. Since then, Sophia has the mommy shark and daddy shark too, and now all three sleeps along during night. Sophia’s night light makes her not frightened of the dark as long as she has the Baby Shark family sleeping together with her. I think every little princess and prince would like to have this sort of doll.

Cons: After studying some reviews, I find that some reports that people cited no longer to be true. Maybe they acquired a defective doll and needed to send it back. Some humans are saying that they can’t hear the sound unless they take it out of the shark’s stomach. Then some referred to that they requested a pink momma shark and instead obtained a blue daddy shark.

Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter

Baby Shark Toys ReviewClick here

4.seven out of 5 Stars

*Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter advocated age is 24 months – 15 years

*Beautiful bright colorations make it attractive to a little one’s eyes.

*As the kid locations the shark in their proper places, the verse of the baby shark tune will play.

*When the child sites all of the shark shapes in their appropriate areas, the whole music of baby shark will play

*Awesome learning toy to assist in developing a kid’s sensory talents and motor skills.

*Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter measurements are three x 11.8x 11.eight inches

*Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter weight is 1.eight pounds

*Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter shipping weight is 1.8 pounds

*Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter model number is 61065

The Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter makes a great gift and is an excellent educational toy which kids learn different shapes.  It plays all of the Baby Shark Song, the full version.

Cons:  Reviews saying the person had it several weeks, unfortunately, the sound stopped working or that the music was too low.

Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle

Baby Shark Toys ReviewClick here

3 out of 5 Stars

*Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle endorsed age is 24 months – 15 years

*Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle weight is 1.25 pounds

*Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle Shipping Weight is 1.25 pounds

*Batteries required for the Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle is 1 LR444

*Chunky Wooden Puzzle portions of Baby Shark, Moma Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandpa Shark, Grandma Shark

*When the shark puzzle pieces placed, a part of the Baby Shark Song will play

*Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle measures 11. Five x 8.Five x 1 inch

The Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle made very well. My nephew dropped and threw him, and it nonetheless works well. As you location the puzzle piece inside the vicinity it goes, it will play an element within the Baby Shark Song. It has an on and off switch, that’s good if you get tired of listening to the sound.

Cons: The most effective cons is that it’ll no longer play all the child shark tune. Some people say that the theme would not play the track as it must, and the words repeat itself. Also, some critiques say that the Grandpa Shark and Daddy Shark songs switched.

Baby Shark Sound Book

Baby Shark Toys ReviewClick here

*4.8 out of 5 Stars

*endorsed age is 36 months to six years

*rounded edges

*Baby Shark Sound Book measurement is eight x 0.7 x 8 inches

*Baby Shark Sound Book weight is 12 ounces

*Baby Shark Sound Book color is yellow

*Batteries required is two AAA

*10 songs including the baby shark song

*bright, colorful pictures

*Built-in speaker that has clear sounds

I think that is a remarkable ebook for kids. The ten songs are: Baby Shark Song, S-H-A-R-K, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Shark, Where is Daddy Shark?, This Little Baby Shark, Move Like The Baby Shark, Shark ABC, Shark 123, Baby Shark On the Bus, and Christmas Shark. The kid loves the songs, and when you touch the buttons on the aspect of the ebook, a track will play. It also has an on and off turns on the back of the book, which will help save lifespan battery. The pages of the sound book are thicker than most books.

Cons: The only cons that I recognize with this ebook are that some people have complained approximately the price, sound not working, or the sound being too loud

Baby Shark Play-Doh

Baby Shark Toys ReviewClick here

4.eight out of 5 Stars

*endorsed age is three years and up

*12 Non-poisonous play-doh cans

*comes with cutters and tools to make the shark’s family

*Great items for little lady or boy

*Kids have an imaginary amusing play making their own shark family

The last Baby Shark Toys Review was one of my favorites when I was a kid growing up.  The Baby Shark Play-doh is a fun and creative play craft to make cute little things.  My grandbaby, who’s two years antique, loves the Baby Shark Play-doh. She enjoys making specific coloration sharks. The first thing she does while coming to look me is getting out of her Baby Shark Play-doh. I find it irresistible because it’s miles non-toxic and entertains for hours of fun.

Cons: Customers complain approximately the play-doh set no longer coming in a closed container while receiving it. Play-doh is not right in particular if you are giving it as a gift. It’s hard to take away the address decal at the play-doh containers.

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Baby Shark Toys Review






Value for money



  • 80% of toys plays Baby Shark Song Song
  • Parents love the volume
  • Easy to assemble


  • 20% of toys doesn't play the Baby Shark Song.
  • Volume is too low for kids
  • most toys require batteries

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  • This is a great post. My baby girl is absolutely obsessed with this song and plays it a million times a day so this review of the other products has come at a great time! I actually didn’t realise the amount of products out there to buy based off of this one song. She loves play doh at the moment. So looks like we’ll start with that and then increase the toy doll base later. Good to know the suitability as gifts as I have a few friends who would also love this. 

    • Thank you, Chris, for dropping by and leaving a kind comment. I’m glad the Baby Shark Toys Review helped you. If I can help you in any way please feel free to let me know.

      Best Wishes,

  • I remember being obsessed with shark toys when I was a kid and from what I’ve seen from other kids on my family, they also love sharks. When my little cousin was 4 he received the yellow baby shark and he could not sleep without it next to him. It was the cutest thing and very affordable too. It just makes up for a perfect – any occasion gift – 

  • Awesome! being a daddy of 2 girls and 1 boy, I show their obsession with this song and played it over and over again. Absolutely, this has come on time! I actually didn’t notice the amount of products out there to buy based on this song. I was obsessed with shark toys too when I was little and from what I’ve seen from other children, they also love sharks. When my best friend was 5 he received the yellow baby shark and he could not sleep without it next to him. Thank you for refreshing my memory and for the opportunity as well.

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