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Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket is super soft lambswool and very comfortable that is available in pretty colors. It will help keep you warm on cold nights. The Mermaid tail Sherpa Blankets are great lounging with on the sofa, recliner while watching T.V., movies, doing your homework, laying in bed, playing games, on your tablet or laptop, road trips, camping or use as a sleeping bag.

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Mermaid Tail Blankets Is A Wonderful Gift for Holidays

*Mermaid blankets, for women, teens, and children, are perfect for the holidays. They Come in a gift box and are great gifts for Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day.

*So soft Sherpa Mermaid Tail Blanket has a lambswool Sherpa inner layer to give you comfort and keep you warm. The knit, breathable acrylic yarn detail style on the front for a super-soft touch.

*Special pattern Mermaid Blanket Comes with a stay up shoulder strap that you can remove. It has an opening in the back and bottom. The blanket is like a sleeping bag, moving your feet side to side, into the mermaid blanket and will keep you warm and is cuddly soft.

*This thick soft blanket can be used for many occasions.

*Measurements are 67” x 22.5”, large enough for teens or adults to snuggle up to.

*Cleaning Instructions: hand wash in cold water and air dry, or dry clean

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a Disney fairy tale story written by a Danish author Hans Christian Anderson. It was written for a fairy tale for children and was first published in 1937.

The Disney story is about a young mermaid who would give up her sea life to become a human. It has been suitable for different broadcasting, including ballet, musical theater, Disney animated film, and Opera.

Denmark is where the story was written and published. There’s a bronze statue of the mermaid becoming human by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade.  For more information about The Little Mermaid visit Wikipedia.


Little Mermaid lives in a kingdom underwater. She is granted to swim to the surface when she turns fifteen.to see the world for the first time.

When she turns fifteen, she swims up to the top of the water. She watches a birthday party honoring a handsome prince that is on a ship. The mermaid falls in love with the prince from a safe distance.

A strong storm comes and sinks the ship. She saves the prince from drowning and brings him unconscious to the shore. The prince never sees the Little Mermaid and doesn’t know it was she who had saved his life.

She feels sad and asks her granny if humans can live for eternity. Her granny gives relevant facts that humans have a much smaller life than a mermaid’s 300 years. Humans have an eternal soul that lives in heaven. When mermaids die, they revolve to seafoam and come to an end.

Little Mermaid, yearning for the prince and eternal life, visits the Sea Witch in a menacing part of the ocean. She voluntarily helps her to give her legs by trading for her tongue and beautiful voice. She has the most beautiful voice on earth. She informs the Little Mermaid of the possible danger that once she becomes a human, she will not be allowed to go visit the sea.

The Mermaid will obtain a human only if she successfully wins the love of the prince and marries him, for then a piece of his spirit will flow into her. If not, at sunrise on the first day after he marries someone else, the Little Mermaid will die with a broken heart and melt into sea foam on the waves.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

She agrees to the disposition and swims to the top near the prince’s palace and drinks the potion. She is found by the prince, who is fascinated by her beauty, even though she can’t speak. Little Mermaid becomes the prince’s dearest companion and goes with him on many of his outings.

When the prince’s parents motivate their son to marry the neighbor’s princess in an arranged marriage, the prince tells Little Mermaid he will not marry the neighbor’s princess because he is not in love with her. He says that he can only love the young woman who saved him.

It turns out that the princess from the neighboring kingdom is the girl that was with him when he woke up from the accident. The prince proclaims his love for her, and they announced their royal wedding.

Little Mermaid is saddened, and she is heartbroken as she watches the prince and the princes celebrate their marriage on the ship. She has the absence of hope, expecting her death to come soon, and She has sacrificed so much to be with the prince.

Her sisters bring her a knife that the Sea Witch gave them in exchange for their gorgeous long hair. The little mermaid can go back to live in her underground kingdom with her family if she will kill the prince.

She has a warm heart and can’t even think about doing such an evil thing as to kill the prince.

She dives in the water with the knife in her hand and her body melts into foam, but instead of coming to an end, she senses the warm sun and finds that she has turned into an earthbound spirit.

Because of her self-seeking, she is given the chance to earn her spirit of a human being by doing good deeds for mankind for 300 years. One day, the Little Mermaid will go to the kingdom of God.

The most popular Little Mermaid Disney version movie was in 1989.

It is an American romance musical movie by Walt Disney Pictures.

The story is about a mermaid princess named Ariel and Eric, a human, who she falls in love with.  For more information about The Little Mermaid visit Wikipedia.   

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16 comments on “Mermaid Tail Blanket”

    • Thank you, Tasneem, for your comment. This would be a great gift for Christmas. Please let me know if I can help you with anything.

      Have a great weekend!

  • This Mermaid Tail Sherpa Blanket looks cute, Aan I like it’s big size. The weather is getting cold now, I think get this for my friend as a gift she will be will happy. Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you, Lena, for dropping by and for your kind comment. The Mermaid Tail Sherpa Blanket will keep you warm during the winter months. Aso, it comes in different colors.

      Best Wishes,

  • Hi Margaret!

    What a nice story, and a gift proposal. Having such a blanket at your side for various needs you have described in your post is indeed a great piece of lambswool to enjoy daily.
    I am sure the kids, youth and even adults will love it, especially the female population. I can imagine it as a wonderful holiday gift as well.

    I wish you much success with it and hope you have one of such blankets as well. Enjoy your time in it.

    Best regards,

    • Thank you,Igor, for your kind and sweet comment. I love my mermaid tail blanket. It is super soft and warm and, I have enjoyed it during the colder months. This blanket is very popular, and all the ladies adore it.

      Warm regards,

  • I was playing video games an hour ago and I would have taken one!! It looks so comfy 😀 I keep it in note for a Christmas gift, thank you for sharing this with us and for the little story about mermaids 🙂

    • Thank you, Audrey, for your kind comment. These blankets are comfortable and are great for lounging around. The Mermaid Tail Blanket makes a wonderful Christmas gift. Please let me know if I can help you with something.

      Best Wishes,

  • That is a very fun idea! It looks like it would be soft, comfortable, and warm which are all great things to have in a blanket! I have a couple of nieces that would particularly love having a blanket like this, I will keep it in mind. 🙂 Thank you for sharing the fun story as well!

    • Thank you, Heidi, for your kind comment. The Mermaid Blankets are fun for all ages even women too love these. The story of the Mermaid was one of my favorite Disney movies. If I can help you with anything, please let me know.

      Warm Regards,

  • Hi Margaret,

    The Sherpa Blanket in your Blog looks very beautiful. Do you make the Blankets yourself? I was only asking because if you make them yourself then you could possibly sell everything you make on your Web Page. If I were you though, I’d add at least one more image of the Blanket within the story you are telling of ‘The Little Mermaid’ just to break up the long narrative and keep the reader from forgetting about it. Either way, great job on your Web Page and Happy Holidays!

    • Thank You, Deatrice, for dropping by and leaving a kind and thoughtful comment. I do not make these cute Mermaid Tail Blankets. I do crochet as a hobby and have made baby blankets but have never made the mermaid blanket. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. I will try to add another picture.:)

      Happy Holidays!

  • That’s a great story of the little mermaid and its comforting to know that the Mermaid Tail Sherpa blanket is based on a similar theme. It does seem like a very warm and comforting blanket and I’m looking forward to giving it a try this holiday season. I’m sure many in my family will appreciate having this warm blanket for these winter holidays :))

  • Hi Margaret,

    It is the biggest holiday season again, and “Mermaid Tail Sherpa Blanket” is a wonderful item for the holiday gift.
    I think children will especially like it.

    Little Mermaid is a very popular story, and I thought that it has been created by Disney.
    Good to know its history such as who wrote this book.

    My daughter loves this story.
    I read this book (short version for 2~3 years old children) to her a few months ago.
    Since then, she has been excited when she listened to the audio book of this story.
    I personally does not like “Little Mermaid” much because of the plot of the story.

    1. Killing a loving one with a knife to save one’s own life? That is too much for me.
    2. The penalty of not killing is turning into foam? That is still too much.

    To me, it is the vanity of existence. It is so pessimistic.

    But, the sentence you introduced here, “instead of coming to an end, she senses the warm sun and finds that she has turned into an earthbound spirit” is somewhat soothing.
    At least, there is a meaning.

    Thank you for reminding me of the last part of the story which I have forgotten for a long time.

    • Thank you, Jason, for your kind and wonderful comment. I love the Little Mermaid story, but it was sad how it ended. It has been a long time since I watch The Little Mermaid movie with Ariel the sea princess playing in it. I will have to watch that one again with my grandbaby. I went to Wal-Mart tonight with my daughter Christmas shopping and seen the Ariel Doll, and reminded me of the movie. I guess the mermaid movie is still popular and will always be.

      Have a Merry and blessed Christmas!

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