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Baby Alive Baby Shark Review

Baby Alive Baby Shark

Baby Alive Baby Shark Doll, with Hood and Tail

Baby Shark is so famous those days.  Now there may be a Baby Alive Baby Shark doll that is so adorable. Dress your Baby Alive in her charming detachable shark hood and tail, then have a laugh playing.  Kids can’t resist the Baby Shark song and dance with the aid of Pinkfong.  Play with a shark doll out and within the water.  Little ones will love making touch with their shark doll!

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*Created with the aid of Baby shark dance and track: A adorable water play toddler doll created by way of the baby shark music and dance

*Remarkable via Pinkfong

*Removable shark hood and tail: Dress your infant shark doll in her charming removable shark hood and tail

*Playout and within the water: Kids can so much fun playing with their toddler alive doll out and in the water

*Water play alive baby doll for children three years vintage and up. This captivating child shark doll is an extraordinary toy or gift ideal for babies who adore baby shark and water fun play.

The History of the Baby Alive Dolls

The first introduction of the Baby Alive Doll turned into in 1973 through Kenner. It got her with a bottle, feeding spoon, food packets, and diapers. When you feed your baby alive with a spoon, a lever on her back pushed to have the meals chewed. The food would move through her and come to be in her diaper; however, she did no longer speak, so that you had to test the diaper post-feeding. Baby Alive also made dribble meals and threw up often.

In the mid-70s, the dolls have operated by battery. The babes sucked a bottle and chewed food. They have produced or turn on via the container, the spoon, or a finger. These cute, adorable dolls also peed and pooped in their diaper; however, they did no longer spit-up.

After The Kenner Company turned over into Hasbro, Hasbro modified the appearance, function, or the manner it labored Baby Alive and in 2003 grew to become loose a new realistic speak doll, with additional accessories that have bought separately. For more significant statistics about Baby Alive, visit Wikipedia.

Precious Infants Dolls

baby alive baby shark

The precious baby drinks from her cup with a tiny straw, as she Sips N Slurp.  She also wet her diaper.

Happy Birthday Dolls

In 2008, a candy birthday doll was released, just like the sip N slurp. The toddler alive should Sips N Slurp too, but she celebrated her birthday every single day. The birthday doll can blow on her quite celebration blower and blow out a candle on her scrumptious cupcake.

Baby Wet and Wiggles

This adorable child alive is available in a lady or a boy doll. This lovable doll does not speak but will allow you to realize when it’s miles moist with the aid of wiggling and crying when it’s time that will enable you to trade the soiled diaper.

Newborn Baby Pat and Burp

A treasured young toddler doll will drink from a tiny infant bottle, and while you pat her on her back, she will be able to burp. This small and treasured child doll will are available many brilliant skins and quite eye colors.

Adorable Alive Sips and Snooze

This cute infant alive gets sleepy while you feed her a milk or water bottle and falls asleep while she snuggled. Baby alive doll can come in fashionable hair colors, blonde or brunette.

Sweet Speaking Toddler Dolls

This smart Baby Alive Learns a way to potty: A new potty training sort of doll, wherein the infant has a bottle. She or he tells you while she has to visit the restroom with the aid of announcing words such as “Hurry-hurry!” or “Potty time!” after she eats her food and drinks her water. She has a tiny diaper for her size, just in case of an accident, then she says, “Oops! I had an accident” if she placed on the potty chair in time.

baby alive baby shark

She additionally says sweet words like, “I love you, Mommy,” and I’m a massive girl” When you give her a bottle or feed her doll food, she says, “Yummy!” or “Mm, good!”

She sings a different type of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Also, she has an understanding of being taught, where she receives greater at using her potty after every feeding. Before the baby alive uses her diaper, she will be able to ask to apply the potty two times after her 2d feeding, and so on till the fifth feeding.

Wow! Baby Alive Has New Teeth

Wow! An infant doll who is “teething.” New teeth will appear while her tongue pressed. She has a different type teething chunk ring for teething, and in case you deliver her a scrumptious teething cookie, she will be able to actually “take a bite.” The doll will drink from her sippy cup and will moist her diaper. She has a doll toothbrush and toothpaste so your toddler can brush her child doll’s tooth.

Pretty Baby alive has a soft face 2006 doll

The lovely Baby doll may be fed a toy meals paste this is crafted from a powder, and given a bottle with water.  After she eats and the meals pass through her, and it ends up in her diaper, then it’s time for a diaper change.

baby alive baby shark

Hungry Baby Alive Real Surprises

Baby Alive Real Surprises is a 2006 doll. The baby doll likes to consume her doll meals and also, she will be able to drink from a bottle. When she wets and messes her diaper, she will say, “Surprise,” “Uh-oh! I made a poo-poo,” and “I made a stinky!”. This lovable infant likes to talk. She will look so adorable when she sucks her pacifier and sings a different lyric of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” A new fashion of this baby doll was set up and launched in 2013.

Happy Baby Alive Are Bouncing Babies

How lovely is this?  A Baby Alive Bouncing Babies is a baby doll who likes to bounce up and down. She controls by way of a little inner motor, which will make her have cooing sounds and giggling.

Baby Alive Feel Better Now Baby

Do you need to name a physician?  Baby Alive Better Now Baby is a doll who’s unwell and needs unique treatment. The baby doll gives medicine, and the child can fake that she is the doctor caring for her patient. The babe loves to drink water in a cup, and then she can wet her diaper. A new edition of this style doll installed in 2013.

Baby Alive Baby Is Time To Say Go Bye Bye.  I Love You!

This candy doll created for traveling via having a bag to hold on one’s again and a baby carrier in a single component.  How cool is this?

Baby alive baby shark

Baby Is All Gone

Baby All Gone has a magnetic spoon. Baby is fed delicious bananas and could disappear. The toddler does not swallow the food and drinks, but it looks as if she does. It seems as though it goes into the doll’s mouth; however, they are retracts returned into the spoon. She liquids juice from her bottle and the milk will disappear again into the bottle, but the child does not wet. A new edition released in 2017 with this doll who drinks and wet.

Baby Alive dolls these days are more superior and designed with a higher degree of knowledge and fashion. The infant has a desk-bound bracelet with a knob, and while you press it, the doll will say a phrase. Her mouth will open while a bottle, spoon, or pacifier touches her lips. She can talk, and her eyes will close and open.

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  • Hi, Margaret.
    Pinkfong and the baby shark are so popular to so many children all over the world. The Baby Alive Baby Shark you have introduced is so cute. I am sure that many children will love it.
    Personally, my daughter received a yellow baby shark doll from Santa Clause on her second birthday. She loved it. When it heard a clapping sound, the shark started singing the baby shark song and moved around the floor. My daughter had so much fun with it.
    The YouTube video embedded in the article is relevant to the product, and it is fun to listen to it. Thank you for introducing this product.
    By the way, I was a bit confused when I kept reading this article from “The First Baby Alive Doll”. Are you trying to explain the history of the alive dolls? If you state your intention somewhere, your audience like me will have a better understanding. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Jason, for dropping by and leaving a wonderful and kind comment. The baby shark that your daughter got from Santa Clause seems very cool. My grandbaby would love to have that baby shark toy. Lol. The baby shark video on YouTube is still popular and I think the song will be around for a while. Thank you, Jason, for letting me know about being confused when reading my article. I will add to my article and explain that this is the history of The Baby Alive Dolls.

      Have a Great Week,

  • I love the Baby Alive Baby Shark Dolls. They are so cute! My two year old daughter loves baby shark. I am going to get her this for her birthday.

    Thank You!

  • Wow! Very cute and lovely product! I think my baby will like this product. Because he really likes the baby shark song. And with dolls like this, surely it will keep him laughing all day long.
    Of all the colors, I like the blue one the most. Because my baby is a baby boy.
    By the way, can the dolls make a sound too? And if I order this product, can I choose the color? Because I want to buy 3 colors like inside the video.

    • Thank you, Kylie, for your kind and wonderful comment. You can choose what color you like. The Baby Alive dolls costume Baby Shark comes in the color yellow, pink, and blue. Unfortunately, it does not play the Baby Shark Song. If you have any more questions please let me know.

      Best Wishes,

  • What a great article.  I have known about Baby Alive for many years, but had not idea of the history or how the doll has evolved.  My kids, who are adults now, used to love the one that wet…. I think that was the one.    I have one granddaughter who would love one of these.  I am happy to read this article because I wouldn’t have thought about creating kind of a family tradition with the dolls without seeing this.  Of course, she knows the baby shark song so that’s a good thing, too.

    • Thank you for dropping by and leaving a kind comment. The Baby Alive is popular and is so adorable with their baby shark costume. I think the Baby Shark Song will always be a kid’s favorite.

      Warm Regards,

  • I had not heard about baby alive brand of baby toys until now and having them brand a toy based on the baby shark youtube video is a smart business move. I think that kids like baby shark because it is such a catchy song and has neat visuals. Are you thinking of getting your kid a baby shark nightlight?

    • Hi Jon, thank you for taking the time and leaving a comment. My grandbaby has a baby shark night light and bedding. She loves baby shark and sleeps with the baby shark singing plush doll every night. This makes her bedtime fun!

      Warm Regards,

  • Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us .I have a beautiful baby of three years . She likes my baby Alive Baby Shark Dolls  a lot.My baby wants these dolls on her special day, Birthday .I played with it at my friend’s house and it was a lot of fun .Thank you so much for your introduction .I must buy it for my baby .Hope everyone enjoys this article .

    • Hi Shanta, thanks for dropping by and leaving a kind comment. These dolls are so adorable and make perfect gifts. I hope your baby enjoys the Baby Alive Baby Shark Dolls as much as my grandbaby has.

      Best Wishes,

  • Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide on baby Alive Baby Shark is very awesome for everyone. I know via your article that Removable shark hood and tail: Dress your baby shark doll in her charming removable shark hood and tail. Baby doll can be fed a doll food paste that is made from a powder, and given a bottle with water. When it is moved through her and end up in her diaper, then it is time to change her diaper.

    • Hi Parveen, thank you for taking the time and leaving a kind comment. The Baby Alive Shark Dolls are so cute and make a great gift for any occasion.

      Hope you have a great week,

  • Margaret,my baby as been asking me to get her these kinds of dolls recently.
    You have done wonderfully well with this lovely piece of article for kids, the baby alive dolls comes in different shapes and styles which makes them so unique.
    Also I will like to commend you for taking your time to talk on the history of baby alive dolls and the various kinds of dolls.
    I think my kid would prefer the baby alive bouncing baby doll.

  • Margaret,my baby as been asking me to get her these kinds of dolls recently.
    You have done wonderfully well with this lovely piece of article for kids, the baby alive dolls comes in different shapes and styles which makes them so unique.
    Also I will like to commend you for taking your time to talk on the history of baby alive dolls and the various kinds of dolls.
    I think my kid would prefer the baby alive bouncing baby doll.

    • Hi Carol, thank you for your wonderful and kind comment. The Baby Alive and Baby Shark are so popular and adorable. These would make any little girl happy. I hope your daughter enjoys it.

      Best Wishes,

  • Hello, thank you very much for the wonderful article about baby live baby shark doll. I also thank for the hard work you put in to bring this website other and also for the high-quality content you provide here. Baby shark dolls are good toys for kids so for any parents who have not yet got one for their kids its time to. Thank You

    • Hi Mugalu, Thank you for taking the time leaving a kind comment. The Baby Alive Baby Shark Dolls will make any little girl happy and will enjoy playing with for hours.

      Warm Regards,

  • Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful article. We all know that kids love toys a lot. The baby shark is so popular with so many children all over the world. I am sure that many children will love it. The YouTube video in the article is relevant to the product, and it is fun to listen to it. Thank you for the information about this product.

    • Thank you for dropping by and for your kind comments!  I love to listen to the baby shark on youtube.  It always puts me and kiddos in a good mood!:)

      Have a great week!


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